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Our in-house Smoked Meats

Pulled Pork $16 per lb.
The most popular meat for catering, slow roasted creating a great flavor and tenderness. Versatile and delicious goes with everything.

Brisket $21 per lb.
This is the BBQ’ers meal. Only the most experienced pit-masters can get this right and we do a mean one.

Half Chicken $12 ea.
We brine and smoke to create a wonderful complexity of flavors. This is a wonderful accompaniment to any of our meats.

St. Louis Style Ribs $21 per rack
If ribs are what set us apart from the rest of the crowd the so be it. Smoked nicely with applewood they pair harmoniously with this particular wood to create a great flavor.

Smoked Wings 25 for $30 50 for $55
There is no other way to do it, these pair well with all of our sauces. (Hot, Mild, BBQ, Piquant Pepper).

Sliders (Pulled Pork or Chicken) 12 for $30
Mini pretzel buns sandwich your choice of meats topped with sauce, ‘slaw and onion strings.

Homemade Sides (Prices are for ½ & full pans A full pan will serve about 25-30 people A ½ pan can accommodate 12-16 people)

BBQ Pork & Beans $45 & $90
Delish… one of our signature dishes here. Incorporating white and black beans to accompany the pork belly and pulled pork. Rich, sweet, with that warm comfort.

Ham-hock Braised Collard Greens $38 & $76
This is the perfect way to make them with a nice touch of rice wine vinegar ham-hocks and some spice. Prepared fresh because they never last long these will go a long way with guests.

Potato Salad $32 & $64
It’s really simple, but to perfect is another story. From day 1 we tasked our chef to create a better salad and he didn’t let us down.

Coleslaw $32 & $64
We make a wonderful rich, creamy dressing for our ‘slaw. The flavors coalesce into a beautiful dish that is too often over looked. Ours will delight.

Mac ‘n Cheese $38 & $76
Velvety, creamy the peoples’ choice for sides.

Cornbread $1.50 a piece
We will absolutely throw down with anyone over cornbread. Rich, buttery, sweet creamy caramelizes nicely. We love it and so will you.

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